Fantasia ’09: Lesbian Vampire Killers (Film Review)

I had a choice to see one of two Fantasia films playing at the same time: A Gay American Werewolf In London or Lesbian Vampire Killers. I went with the latter because: 1) The first movie doesn’t exist, and 2) I’m a sucker for catchy titles. However, horror films, like porno flicks, with memorable monikers usually don’t live up to their names. But Lesbian Vampire Killers (which screened at Montreal’s Fantasia Film Festival this month) does—and not in all the ways you would expect. I was anticipating a bunch of girl-on-girl action with topless, bloodsucking lesbian ladies engaging in titillatingly licentious and raunchy sexual and violent acts, and while Lvk does have its share of girl-on-girl kissing and bloodletting, director Phil Claydon stays away from profligacy and pornography and instead delivers a crowd-pleasing, entertaining horror-comedy in the vein of Shaun Of The Dead.

It’s hard not

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