Ridiculous amount of Updates on The Twilight Saga...

In the wake of Comic-Con (see our coverage here), there's a bunch of updates flowing out of the Twilight camp.

Below we've got the latest on The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, a new still and soundtracking for The Twilight Saga: New Moon, and more...

New Moon Updates:

- The Used spent yesterday in the Studio recording a new song for the forthcoming soundtrack. The band, which has a new album due out September 1st issued a Twitter Update with a photo - "In the studio recording a song for twilight 2 Dawggg. I'll send more pics later"

Bassist Jeph Howard also states that he "never saw the first" Twlight, but "Interview With A Vampire was rad."

-In other New Moon soundtrack news, according to a handout at Comic-Con, the soundtrack is due in-stores on October 13th, contradicting the date of November 20th. Regardless, pre-orders are now being accepted here ($12.98 as

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