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Meningitis Storyline Hits Home for Galen Gering

Roger Karnbad/Celebrity When Days of Our Lives star Galen Gering’s character Rafael Hernandez had to say goodbye to baby Grace due to meningitis, no one knew how close to home it hit for the father of two.

Shortly after Galen’s second son Jensen arrived last July, “the doctors came to us at 2:30 in the morning to inform us they had to take a spinal tap because they worried he might have meningitis,” the actor explains. “So I had already been through this entire frickin’ drill already. As hard as it was to film those scenes, it was also easy because I had lived through this horrific storyline in real life.”

The former Passions star knows that daytime storylines can sometimes be “fantastical,” but says baby Grace’s death “made sense and felt very real” to him. “It was definitely heavy stuff,” Galen, 38, said of the filming.

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