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MST3K: Mystery Science Theatre 3000 Xv (DVD Review)

Often overlooked by horror fans Mystery Science Theatre 3000 was an excellent source for forgotten and obscure horror fans. With the release MST3K Xv horror fans are treated to two gems of horror/ sci-fi magic.

For those of you who may have blocked out the early 90’s, MST3K was a show with a premise so simple many of us kicked ourselves for not thinking of it first. Joel Robinson (Joel Hodgson) is a man stranded on a satellite in space with two robots, Crow T. Robot (Trace Beaulieu) and Tom Servo (Kevin Murphy) whose only task is to watch and berate the worst movies ever made. The show began its humble days on Ktma-tv in Hopkins, Minnesota but was quickly picked up by a fledgling Comedy Central, where it ran for 7 season then finally ended its days on the Sci-Fi Channel giving us a total of eleven incredible seasons. Part

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