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The New "Dancing With The Stars" Cast Announced!

This morning ABC has unveiled the cast of the newest season of Dancing with the Stars which will be going into it's ninth season this fall. The cast will include a politician for the first time, as well as the typical string of actors, athletes, and other random celebrities, and more of them. The cast this season has been boosted to 16, double that of the first season.

Starting things off we have the season 9 men of Dancing with the Stars, which will include:

Tom DeLay – 62, former Politician. DeLay represents the first politician, current or former, that Dwts has managed to land. Delay served as House Majority leader until he was forced to step down following a 2005 Texas grand jury indictment on money laundering charges. He's a hard core Republican whose known as "The hammer" for his dealings with other politicians, and if he can bring that same kind of fire

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