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Ani-Mania: ‘When They Cry’

Summer is here, at least for another month or so, and as Yuko would tell us, hot weather makes the perfect setting for ghost stories! That’s not just an excuse to drink more sake, though (not that Yuko needs an excuse, anyway); summer is also the season for Obon, the festival to honor the dead. Tokyo has it’s bon festival around July 15, but for most of the country, bon odori happens around August 15, so to celebrate this spooky time, and look forward to Halloween (notice those fall decorations going up in stores yet?), this week’s AniMania features a horror series, When They Cry.

The title comes from the sounds of the cicada calls in late summer. Also known as Higurashi, this fiendishly clever show recounts a series of strange murders that took place in the small town of Hinamizawa. The story follows Keiichi, a young man who

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