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A Fistful of Brains (2008)

Review by: Mario Dominick

Directed by Christine Parker.

Starring Jacqueline Martini, Conrad Osborne, Edward Warner, Darrell Parker, Wayne Bates, Heidi Martinuzzi, Pericles Lewnes, Jessie Walley, Angela Giddings, Zachary Edgerton, William Drake, Andy Miller, Chuck Williams, and Paul Cardulo.

Indie filmmaker Christine Parker, who gave us the enjoyable low budget horror romp The Forever Dead, brings us this fun zombie western about a feud between two brothers in an 1800s North Carolina town.

One of the brothers invents a special elixir that he tells folks will help cure all of life’s problems. Only problem is the elixir appears to be a zombie-making potion that turns the townsfolk into rampaging, flesh hungry zombies. All hell breaks loose as the zombies seize a church, a girl has one of her boobs ripped off, zombies are shot at, and an infected man attacks gets up and attacks folks in a saloon.

Fistful of Brains is a gory,

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