Watch "Taking Woodstock" Movie Review! Love, Peace, and the Countercultural Revolution!

Director Ang Lee ("Brokeback Mountain," "Lust, Caution") returns with "Taking Woodstock," an adaptation of Elliot Tiber's autobiography "Taking Woodstock: A true story of a riot, a concert and a life."

Adapted by James Schamus for the big screen, I suggest you take a far out trip with "Taking Woodstock." Peace!

(For a full written movie review of "Taking Woodstock," click here. For interviews with the cast including Emile Hirsch, Liev Schreiber, Demetri Martin, and Jonathan Groff, click here)

Persons of interest

* Demetri Martin .... Elliot Tiber aka Eliyahu Teichberg

* Liev Schreiber .... Vilma

* Emile Hirsch .... Billy

* Eugene Levy .... Yasgur

* Imelda Staunton .... Mrs Tiber

* Katherine Waterston .... Penny

* Kevin Sussman .... Stan

* Skylar Astin .... John Roberts

* Kevin Chamberlin .... Jackson Spiers

* Gabriel Sunday .... Steve

* Jason Antoon .... Abbie Hoffman

* Henry Goodman .... Mr Tiber

* Jonathan Groff .... Michael Lang

* Boris McGiver .... Doug

* Michael Zegen .... Bernie

* Will Janowitz .... Chip Monck

* Clark Middleton .... Frank

* Adam Pally .... Artie Kornfeld

* Andy Prosky

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