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Trailer for Sakia Noort's thriller 'The Dark House' ('Terug naar de kust')

Thanks to Quietearth for the news that Dutch crime-writer and freelance journalist Saskia Noort's thriller novel Back to the Coast (Terug naar de kust) has been made into a film called The Dark House, and there's a new trailer!

The film surrounds the stalking and attempted murder of a woman who chooses to have an abortion and escape her abusive boyfriend and an unknown assailant. Set in an isolated beach house, with brooding weather, the trailer looks like a really high-end Lifetime TV horror movie that has incredible acting and some awesome female characters facing the realities of modern women's reproductive choices (usually sans stalking.) Read on for official synopsis and trailer...

Soul singer Maria chooses to abort an unplanned pregnancy rather than bring a third child into her already chaotic life. This single action ends up destroying everything in her life as an unknown and increasingly malevolent stalker

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