10 Stephen King Short Stories That Should Be Films

Two days ago, I posted up a story about how Children of the Corn is going to be remade because the original just plain wasn't religious enough for the Weinsteins. They demand more creepy children. In corn! And while this prospect doesn't make me all that sad - either because I'm a robot with no feelings or because I've grown desensitized to remake news - it does make me wish that filmmakers would dip a bit further into Stephen King's giant corpus of short stories. Instead of another Children of the Corn, let's see a few of these gems fleshed out into full feature length horror trips. All That You Love Will Be Carried Away The Pitch: Alfie is a traveling salesman who is fascinated by graffiti, seeing it as small messages people can leave behind on walls and bathroom stalls that broadcast out into the rest of the world. He's

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