[TV] Transformers: Season Two, Volume One

Like it or not, the Transformers motto “more than meets the eye” becomes a tad ironic when used in the theme song for the cartoon. The motto alludes to robots from another planet which take the form of familiar earthbound crafts like cars, jets, etc. but outside the show’s premise, the idea is just misleading. The series as a whole is incredibly simplistic in every way. The writing, the animation and the voice acting are incredibly formulaic and simple with little else to offer in terms of depth or beauty. Now, if you trust age old idioms about appearances, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. For Transformers: Season Two, Volume One there can be only one interpretation of the intended beholden: a shelf prize for diehard fans. For anyone else this set is just an example of outdated cartoons offered for kitschy nostalgic purposes.

Have you missed the cackle of Megatron?

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