The Frontier Doctor's Fancy 'Queen of the Cimarron' (Columns)

Frontier Doctor's church-prescribing gumdrop-toting hero comes face to face with the unthinkable: a tough-talkin' hard-done bad-girl with money on her mind (gulp).

'Queen of the Cimarron' (26 September 1958) Rex Allen, singin' cowboy turned Frontier Doctor (as Dr Bill Baxter), faces down tough bad-girl cattle baron Miss Fancy Varden. Her herd has been diagnosed with anthrax and it's likely to spread, she's been given all the information, she knows what's right, there's only one thing to do: cull the herd and cut her losses. Fancy, however, has other ideas, and certainly isn't willing to risk losing her investment just because her business enterprise might wreak hideous destruction on the community. Sorry Rex, nuthin' doin'. Surprised? Nah. But Rex, on the other hand:…

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