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VH1's Celebrity Fit Club gets K-Fed, Bobby Brown, Kaycee Stroh and more

Eight famous flabbies are inked for the VH1 slim down reality series, "Fit Club." The seventh season of the weight loss show features a ballooned-up Kevin Federline, and his ex and baby mama Shar Jackson. Also confirmed are Nicole Eggert: a former Baywatch star now in need of help; High School Musical.s Kaycee Stroh, only 25, along with Tanisha Thomas from The Bad Girls Club. Bobby Brown, Skid Row.s front man Sebastian Bach and Jay McCarroll, season 5 winner of Project Runway rounds off the list of contestants. The task masters are Harvey Walden and inspiration nutritionist Dr. Ian Smith, and Rhonda Britten, who previously coached on the TV series Starting Over, will join the crew as a life mentor.

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