Exclusive: Sets Pics from ‘De Repente, La Pelicula’

De Repente, La Pelicula (roughly translated as “Suddenly, The Movie”) is a a dark-burlesque pharse, which just recently finished shooting in Caracas, Venezuela. The film stars Carlos Leon (Shadowland) as John Loveland, a Venezuelan filmmaker who is hired by an American producer for movie being made in the Venezuelan jungle. The producer has an ulterior motive and uses the movie as a cover for his more criminal goals. John Loveland is oblivious to these darker intentions of the producer, taking on the adventure which leads to hilarious madness. The film also co-stars Enrique Dorantes and Luke Grande.

Venezuelan press calls De Repente, La Pelicula… “a fine mess!”

De Repente, La Pelicula is written and directed by the prominent South American filmmaker Luis Armando Roche. The movie is co-produced by Arsiete and Alfareria Cinematografica. The expected release date for De Repente, La Pelicula is sometime in 2010, with plans to hit cinemas and festivals around the world.

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