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Britain’s Got Talent 2011: Teddy the dog refuses to dance for Angela Richens! (Video)

Another Britain’s Got Talent episode…another dancing dog.

Except that on tonight’s show the dog isn’t actually all that talented and doesn’t really like to dance.

Angela Richens introduces Teddy, her white poodle to the judges saying:

“I’ve had Teddy for, well he’s 12-years-old, so I’ve had him for 12 years because I’ve had him since he was two-months old.”

On when she realised he could first dance, she added:

“He did a couple of little tricks at home, little twirls, bits and pieces….when I go on stage I will be nervous but I’ll be trying my hardest not to show it so it won’t affect Teddy. “

The pair dance to ‘Knees Up Mother Brown’, which prompts Amanda to start giggling, mostly because the pooch is cute but distinctly untalented!

After they finish their routine, Angela says: “He (Teddy) started to relax at the end.

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