Doc Martin Collection – Series 1-4 DVD Review And Giveaway

For all the British television that makes some effort to cross the pond, some shows simply can't be reworked for American audiences. Luckily, most of them make it to us anyway, and the latest, brilliant effort to come by way of PBS (and of course, DVD) is Doc Martin.

Starring the by now legendary Martin Clunes, who has been a part of so many amazing British series that it boggles the mind, Doc Martin is the story of a star surgeon who suddenly develops a blood phobia. With little choice in his career path, he takes the job of Gp for the small village of Portwenn, where he spent much time as a young lad with his aunt (Stephanie Cole).

Hoping that the rural doctor life will consist largely of colds and the odd bruise, Martin hopes that with blood at a minimum he can overcome his problem and return to surgery.

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