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Doctor Who complete reviews: The Empty Child

Damn these separate two-parter titles. Not only are they a huge pain when it comes to writing reviews, some of them are a bit rubbish. Take the story about gas mask zombies in World War Two: The Empty Child's an excellent title for the story, full of mystery and wonder. And then you have The Doctor Dances, which sounds like a weak spin-off of geriatric dance bore Strictly Come Dancing. Presumably, it's hosted by Skeleton Steptoe, Bruce Forsyth, who dithers to find the country's top dancing Gp in a gaudy TV studio.

Luckily, there's none of that on display in this magnificent two-parter. Looking back on this first season since the big 21st century relaunch, I'm struck by how consistent it is. Other seasons may have bigger and bolder stories, but to me, they're less consistent and contain their fair share of turkeys. But Eccleston's lone season seems to carry

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