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Forgotten Action Cinema: Dudes

“Decline of the Western Civilization” director Penelope Spheeris, while talented, has certainly made some very strange choices during the early stages of her career. And while the filmmaker’s pseudo-cool 1987 revenge saga “Dudes” isn’t nearly as hokey as, say, “Hollywood Vice Squad”, it does, at times, reek of slightly moldly cheese. Jon Cryer and Daniel Roebuck star as a pair of New York City punks who helplessly watch their friend die at the hands of a murderous gang of racist hillbillies during their cross-country trip to sunny California. The story — which is essentially a punk rock retelling of “Easy Rider” — isn’t overly complicated or complex, nor does it strive to be. Once you strip away the snake juice-fueled dream sequence, the cornball cowboy references, and the decidedly pointless inclusion of minor 80′s eye candy Catherine Mary Stewart, all you’ve got is a paint-by-numbers road movie with goofy

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