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The Shadow Line: episode two

The Hugo Blick thriller gets on track with a pacy episode that focuses on the plot rather than stilted detail

Spoiler alert: Don't read on if you haven't watched the second episode of The Shadow Line on BBC2

Rebecca Nicholson's episode one blog

It's fair to say that last week's opener was divisive. Some of you liked its ambition and the stagey, artificial world Hugo Blick has created; others thought it pretentious, overly long and poorly acted – wharfgirl and martin77 even went so far as to have a £100 wager on whether it will be a flop. Last week, I would have wavered over its chances of success. After tonight's episode, I'm more certain of its success. This episode felt less stilted, more exciting, and more concerned with making the plot pull together, rather than showing off its points of difference.

The cops

Having said that, we begin tonight's episode

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