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The Ghosts and Ghouls of Bollywood

From reincarnations to haunted mansions. From vindictive oatmeal faced corpses to shape shifting nagins, Bollywood has bravely offered a plethora of films in the name of horror over the years. Although many of these films may lack in finesse, they still manage to offer some scares (along with a bag of laughs). Siddhant Pillai investigates…

Golden Age of Horror; 1940s-1960s

A still from the classic Mahal

In a country obsessed with lost souls and reincarnation, it was natural for filmmakers to dabble in this facet of the supernatural. Perhaps the first path breaking film in this genre was Kamal Amrohi?s 1949 hit, Mahal. The film was replete with a spooky house filled with life size portraits, grandfather clocks, swinging crystal chandeliers and a haunting tune (Aayega Aanewaala) carried by the air and sung by an elusive candle-lit lady. The movie was a box office hit and paved the way

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