DC Comics August Releases – Covers & Solicitation Copy

We’ve received all the covers for DC Comics August solicitations, and Flashpoint promises that worlds will live, worlds will die, and the DC Universe will never be the sa– oh, sorry, that was the tagline for Crisis On Infinite Earths, back when I worked at Flashpoint. I’m so confused…

My favorite item for the month is pictured above, the Sergio Aragones version of Batman from Batman: Black & White. But there are some absolute art gems here, including Darwyn Cooke’s Jsa cover, and Frank Quitely’s redoing of Gil Kane and Murphy Anderson’s cover for Green Lantern #52.

As for the rest of the books, take a look… as usual, spoilers ahead:

War Of The Green Lanterns Aftermath #2

Written by Tony Bedard

Art by Miguel Sepulveda

Cover by Tom Fleming

1:10 Variant cover by Miguel Sepulveda

The blockbuster “War of the Green Lanterns” event has rocked the

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