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Tracing Shadow (2009) Movie Review

“Tracing Shadow” marks the fourth directorial outing for popular Hong Kong Star Francis Ng, and sees him again co-helming with Marco Mak, who he previously worked with on “Dancing Lion”. The film itself is somewhat of a throwback to the glory days of Hong Kong cinema, being a wacky martial arts comedy that focuses on the search for a legendary treasure. Although essentially pretty daft, it does pack in plenty of action, and boasts an appealing cast that includes Ng himself, along with Jaycee Chan (who recently impressed in Jiang Wen’s excellent “The Sun Also Rises”), and actresses Pace Wu (“Marriage with a Fool”) and Xie Na (“Two Stupid Eggs”). The film begins during the Ming Dynasty with a gang of martial arts masters from different parts of the country all trying to get their hands on a treasure map which apparently points the way to fabulous riches. After

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