Ask Anya & Lara's Look for Less: Elegant Under $80

"The Insider" stylist supreme Anya Sarre is answering your pressing fashion questions again! Read on below to get your budget-saving fashion advice. Plus, watch the video to see how you can achieve Lara's elegant look for under $80! Q: What other kind of jewelry can you wear with this purple dress? A: With a simple solid dress, there are so many jewelry options. Remember: Try big earrings with a big bracelet, or a big chunky necklace with a ring. With this purple dress, try a chunky turquoise statement necklace. Pewter or dark silver would work great too. If you are not into necklaces, a flower pewter cocktail ring and a drop earring will keep you in style! Q: Can you tell me the designer of Lara's green blouse on tonight's show? I really want it, not the "Look for Less.” A: Lara’s blouse is from Domenico Vacca (

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