'May The Best Man Win' Pits Friend Against Friend, Drug Dealer Against Stripper

Picking a best man for one's wedding is serious business. For some lucky folks, there's a clear front-runner friend, a person who's been through just a little bit more than any other friend. There's also the new brother-in-law approach: to avoid offending any close friends, the best man honor goes to a new sibling joining the family.

The situation to avoid is having to pick between two or more best friends. When that happens, everybody loses. With hilarious results in some cases. That's exactly what the premise of Adam Fleischhacker's "May the Best Man Win" is, which you can check out now On Demand via IFC FestivalDirect. The movie hit VOD on September 9 and it features appearances by noted comics Rob Huebel, Horatio Sanz and Rob Riggle. Check out the trailer below.

May The Best Man Win - Official Trailer - watch more funny videos

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