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Zenescope has Horrorscope for multiple media

Variety reports that Philadelphia-based comic-book publisher Zenescope has picked up a property called Horrorscope from actor/singer Brian Evans (pictured). The company is planning to adapt the title to media beyond print, including feature films, video games and toys.

Horrorscope is about a psychic’s murder that inspires the signs of the Zodiac to physically manifest and seek revenge. Zenescope, whose titles include Grimm Fairy Tales, Stingers and Final Destination spinoffs, plans to publish the first issue of the miniseries in mid-to-late 2010. Evans has had quite the unusual career, from appearing on TV shows like Full House and Beverly Hills 90210 to being arrested for impersonating DJ Casey Kasem to performing as an opening-act crooner for Jay Leno and Joan Rivers! You can see Zenescope’s official website here.

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