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[DVD Review] Where The Wild Things Are… And 5 More Stories by Maurice Sendak

With the release of the new Spike Jonze re-imagining of the children’s book Where The Wild Things Are this week, it’s only natural that there is a corresponding flurry of Wild Things merchandising. This DVD, Where the Wild Things Are…And 5 More Stories By Maurice Sendak, is a re-release of the animated version of the book from 1973. It is not a re-master in any sense of the word… but that’s okay. I think that for a lot of people, myself included, seeing stories from their childhood in a pure form, unchanged from how we remember them, is comforting. In addition to the eponymous story, the collection has one other reading of In The Night Kitchen and four shorter Sendak books that were made into songs. As a collection, it is transparent; there are no improvements or rare insights. The set is for people who grew up with

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