London Film Festival: Lessons in Love

London Film Festival: Lessons in Love Dear Lemon Lima, dir Suzi Yoonessi Wah Do Dem dir Sam Fleischner/Ben Chace A Thing Called Love (shorts programme) Today's lesson is all about love: the things we we do, etc. Poor Vanessa Lemor (l'amour—get it?). All she wanted when she entered Nichols High School was to maintain the affections of her beloved, geeky Philip Georgey. But, alas, Philip is a social climber and rejects her, leaving poor Vanessa (Savanah Wiltfong) to her dreams and her diary entries, addressed to Dear Lemon Lima, [1].... Fear not, though, as Vanessa gathers the assorted Fubar (F_ed Up Beyond All Recognition) geeks in the school and sets out to beat Philip at his own game in the (well, it is Alaska) Snowstorm Survival competition. Atypical of this kind of Revenge of the Nerds scenario, the setting is used to good effect in highlighting co-optation of indigenous culture,

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