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The Hangover Part II Soundtrack

The Hangover 2 soundtrack. In 2009 Todd Philips’ guy pal comedy The Hangover took a worldwide gross of over $467million. Put that into perspective: Scorsese’s Shutter Island took $200million less. Comedies? Superbad took $300million less. Jim Carrey’s Yes Man $240million less. Edgar Wright’s Scott Pilgrim Vs The World, for my mind one of the best post-millenium comedies, took $47million and failed to recoup its budget. The Hangover, then, was successful. Commercially successful. Like Starbucks lattes, like Nike sneakers, it made money. But here’s a view not usually heard amongst all the wide-eyed praise constantly showered upon the film on the basis of its profitability – The Hangover is a formulaic misogynistic piece of populist dumbassery which treats convicted rapist and self-confessed woman hater Mike Tyson like Bill Cosby, which presents a world-view in which the only roles for women are as strippers or hookers or insane banshee girlfriends, in

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