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Oral Fixation (DVD Review)

Is it only fitting that Oral Fixation (now out on DVD from LifeSize) sucks? This isn’t even a horror flick—it’s a thriller with no bite, a bland, boring and badly acted low-budget Fatal Attraction clone that quickly grows long in the tooth. Ok, that’s enough bad mouth jokes; I’m truly and sincerely sorry, but for some reason this movie set my teeth on edge. Perhaps I was predetermined to dislike this film because of my own oral fixations—I talk too much, eat all the time, overindulge in sugar and am constantly chewing on my nails. I blame my mom. But enough about my psychological issues—let me give you a lesson in Oral history.

You thought Bill Murray was obsessed with dentists in Little Shop Of Horrors? Well, you haven’t met Rachel Marks (Emily Parker), a buxom, blonde stalker who is consumed (again,

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