Morning Meme: A "Glee Live!" Picture Page, Neil Patrick Harris Hogtied by Smurfs, Goodbye Oprah, and More!

Note: Ed Kennedy is getting used to his new digs (last we heard he was buying some plywood to cover the portal to hell he discovered in the basement), so I'm filling in again. 80's quiz! A few months ago I challenged you to name 10 classic 80's music videos. Above is part two ... name the artist and the song!

Today is a Very. Special. Day. The meme is not the proper place to discuss it, but join me later in the Briefs. has the full length trailer for The CW's Ringer, starring Sarah Michelle Gellar. Until I saw this, I had no idea what the show was going to be about, but now that I see that they're dragging out and dusting off one of the hoariest storylines ever created, I can't wait! The only problem I see is how they're going to be able to sustain the

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