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Danes Offer a Final Solution

Friggin' Nazis. All these decades later, and those bastards are Still causing trouble. Having had their fill of the zombie sub-genre, these dastardly creeps are set to goose-step their way into slasher territory with a new Danish flick called Final Solution.

Producer Morten Andreas Olsen emailed us to show off the film's teaser poster and share a pretty lengthy synopsis. Expect a trailer to go live tomorrow on the official Final Solution website! Of course we'll bring you that, too.

Final Solution is directed by Martin Bech and stars Maja Mae, Caspar Jexley Fomsgaard, Behruz Banissi, Dennis Haladyn, and Line Ystergaard.

Stay tuned for more!


During the second World War in Nazi-occupied Denmark, local fishermen helped Jews flee to the neutral grounds of Sweden. The trip was not cheap and came at an even higher price for the Landau family, who where forced to leave their youngest daughter, Emma,

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