Panda-monium! A Study of Pandas in Movies

With the release of Kung Fu Panda 2 this week, it seemed like a great time to investigate the rich and detailed history of the panda in cinema and television. However, after some research, it became clear the bear has been largely underrepresented on screen, particularly in the live action arena. What a terrible idea…

Even more distressing, there haven’t been any panda monster movies like I had hoped. Aspirations of discovering a low-budget B-movie about a panda stalking a dwindling crop of teenagers, snapping them like bamboo twigs and drinking their blood proved disappointingly fruitless.

The logic should have been obvious, though. Pandas are traditionally slow, docile and most importantly, extremely cute. They are the very definition of “charismatic megafauna,” which simplified, basically describes an animal that’s so darn photogenic that it can’t help but evoke deep compassion in all of us. There’s a reason

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