Richard Harrah Takes Us Deep Into The Canyon

Yvonne Strahovski and Eion Baily team up with Will Patton for a terrifying honeymoon nightmare this Halloween season

With The Canyon, Richard Harrah has crafted a sly little thriller that comes at you like a donkey kick in the kidneys. Starring Yvonne Strahovski and Eion Baily as recently married lovebirds headed deep into to the Gran Canyon, Harrah's Halloween treat is an intense, cautionary travelogue that offers up the best kind of nightmare scenario for any honeymooning couple. When you throw Will Patton into the mix as Henry Theodore Roosevelt Pritchard, a wily old coot with a pick-ax and a couple of spare donkeys, you know this trip isn't going to end well. The couple gets lost, they run out of food, coyotes attack them, and nothing is more dangerous than trying to find a cell phone signal. We recently caught up with Harrah to chat about this exciting new project.

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