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Photo Flash: Obama On My Mind Opens 10/23 at Langston Hughes Performing Arts Center

Obama on My Mind takes a humorous look at the whirlwind and wonderful world behind the scenes of an Obama campaign office in small town America. A passionate group of larger than life oddball characters start to panic when Sarah Palin enters the race and Obama falls 20 points in the polls. Pop, gospel, jazz, and soft rock come together in a politically inspired comedic romp featuring a motley crew of loyal, obsessive and downright peculiar personalities, striving to get their candidate into the White House.

Republicans and Democrats alike will identify with the wacky group dynamics and laugh at how politics really does make strange bedfellows. This is a can't miss opportunity to laugh and be inspired by the hopes and dreams of a determined group of quirky characters. Anyone who has ever worked on an election campaign will quickly recognize the archetypes skillfully played by a local cast of

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