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New Banner Poster and Trailer for Indie Superhero Short Fallen

Fallen is the story of beloved hero Ephraim (Brian Kavanaugh), who abandons the city he swore to protect. When a mysterious catastrophe rocks the city of Chicago, he must face the scared citizenry that cries out for his return, including a lone police officer (Errol McLendon), a tough vigilante (Andrew Staton), and a terrified boy (Harrison Boxley). Most of all, he must face Bethany (Heather Tyler), who may or may not be the villainness pulling the strings of Ephraim’s heart and the devastation that might annihilate the city. A message from Dan Marcus: Fallen is my love letter to superheroes. I wanted to give something back to a modern mythology that has given me so much in return. I wanted to stir up the same sense of excitement and wonder I would get when I sat down in the theater on a Friday evening waiting for that Marvel

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