Motherhood (the Movie)

Marilyn Kentz: I have four kids, so I figured I knew a little about the lifestyle portrayed in the latest Uma Thurman movie, "Motherhood." In it, she plays Eliza, a stressed out mom with two cute kids and a clueless husband.

In what I perceived to be the longest-ass day in history, Eliza takes care of dog maintenance, endures car harassment, takes her youngest to The Park of Irritating Moms, shops in a version of Loehmann's, rides her bike, blogs, enters a writing contest, gets critiqued and then does a rewrite, shops in a party store, argues with just about every belligerent New Yorker she comes in contact with, charms the few nice ones, decorates her apartment in pink streamers and balloons, redecorates a cake, dances with a messenger, runs away, and throws a birthday party for her six-year-old.

My mommy instincts were assaulted because Eliza seems to have none.

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