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Justin Theroux to Bring ‘Air Guitar’ to the People

If you've ever held witness to an "air guitar" competition, then you will undoubtedly share in my excitement for this next story. In early 2007, I had the honor of catching Alexandra Lipsitz's ferociously entertaining documentary Air Guitar Nation (read my review) during its extremely limited theatrical run. Later that year, fellow Fat Guy at the Movies Kevin Carr and I attended a regional air guitar competition in Columbus, Ohio and met Dan Crane (aka rocker Bjorn Turoque, pictured above with David "C-Diddy" Jung), one of the stars of the doc. It was an energetic, rockin' affair that has stuck with me ever since. So much so that earlier this year, I decided that the most rockin' double feature of all-time would be a double-bill of Air Guitar Nation and this year's sensation Anvil! The Story of Anvil. Trust me, that two-some of rock odysseys would blow your mind. I tell you that story to tell you

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