Not Available on DVD: Rape Squad

The titular gang of Rape Squad is not a squad of rapists but rather a group of rape victims who band together to get revenge on their attacker. Released in 1974, Rape Squad is a bad taste bonanza that wants to have it both ways in terms of mixing sexploitation and feminism and the result is a queasy film that’s politically incorrect in a way only possible in the mid 1970’s. Though written by a woman (Betty Conklin), the film’s blatant misogyny is poorly concealed with the most shallow of feminist themes. Sure, the women who comprise the Rape Squad talk the talk about women’s empowerment, but the filmmakers make sure they do so while topless in the hot tub! It’s an interesting look at the sexual politics of its time but Rape Squad is so wrong on so many levels. It’s not an easy film

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