Wayne Kramer to Direct ‘Ecstasia’

Relativity Media has finally found a futuristic drama that they could love. The studio optioned for “Ecstasia,” the science-fiction drama was written and to be directed by Wayne Kramer. Kramer directed several films including “Crossing Over,” “Running Scared” and “The Cooler.” According to Deadline, “Ecstasia” is set in an alternative universe, in which love no long exists except through costly artificial simulations. The procedure involves computer chips implanted into each couple, but it is incredibly very expensive. If a couple cannot afford to maintain the payments, then they are forced into “dissolution” to remove the emotional link. The main story will involve a man and a woman who are 10 days from losing their commitment and trying to refinance to keep their love. The film will be produced by Jason Felts (“Limitless,” “Romance & Cigarettes”), Rene Rigal (“Nothing Like the Holidays,” “Fish in a Barrel”), Ryan Kavanaugh (“Zombieland,” “The Fighter”), Tucker Tooley (“The Fighter,

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