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The Apartment Above d: Leon Trystan

Pietro Wyzej / The Apartment Above (1937) Direction: Leon Trystan Screenplay: Emanuel Schlechter, Ludwik Starski, Eugeniusz Bodo Cast: Eugeniusz Bodo, Helena Grossówna, Józef Orwid Leon Trystan’s Pietro Wyzej (alternately known in the Us as The Apartment Above, Neighbors, and The Neighbor from the Next Floor) is a delightful Polish comedy about two men — one older (Józef Orwid), the other younger (Eugeniusz Bodo) — who happen to have the same name. The two live on opposite floors of the same apartment building and have an acrimonious relationship. The younger man is a radio announcer and the leader of a swing orchestra; the older man is a classical musician. A string of zany misunderstandings and mistaken identities ensues when the older man’s niece [...]

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