Prepare Yourself for the First Ten Blood-Soaked Minutes from Project Purgatory

Okay, okay. I’ll admit it: This particular motion picture isn’t going to impress everyone. My love for Pm Entertainment and A.I.P. probably has something to do with my excitement for director Kantz’s upcoming post-apocalyptic martial arts outing “Project Purgatory”. And while my weakness for zombies, blood, and kung fu may some clouded my judgment, you’ve gotta admit that the cast and crew are certainly ambitious. The level of insanity in the first ten minutes is unbelievable, and that’s just the stuff you can find in the first ten minutes. You can see all of the gore-soaked tomfoolery below. But first, a handy synopsis: A designer virus manufactured by the military, code-name, “Project Purgatory” wipes out mankind leaving a handful of survivors. Struggling to maintain a normal life, the group takes refuge in an abandoned complex. The world outside is a dangerous threat; the

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