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Leading Man Of The Voodoo Horror Film The Disembodied Dies

Paul Burke was a leading actor from the 1950s and the star of the 1957 horror film The Disembodied. He starred as Tom Maxwell, an author and adventurer who runs afoul of voodoo queen Allison Hayes when he becomes part of a romantic triangle with the queen and her older husband while on an expedition in the deep jungles of Africa.

Burke was born in New Orleans, Louisiana on July 21, 1926, and was the son of boxer Martin Burke. He went to Hollywood in the mid-1940s and studied acting as the Pasadena Playhouse. He began his film career in the early 1950s with small roles in several films including the talking-mule fantasies Francis Goes to West Point (1952) and Francis in the Navy (1955). He moved up to larger roles later in the decade with the voodoo horror film The Disembodied (1957).

He also became a familiar face on television from the 1950s, with

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