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[TV] Gabriel Iglesias: I'm Not Fat...I'm Fluffy

Back in the day, the average “Comedy Central presents” routine lasted about 20 minutes and made for superb listening. The key factor there was that they never lasted longer than 20 minutes so the comedians never had to stretch their material too far. Ever since they began giving comedians full-length time slots the selection of great Comedy Central stand-up DVDs has dropped noticeably. With that said, comedians like Gabriel Iglesias remind us exactly why Comedy Central decided to extend that average runtime to over an hour. Here we have a routine that’s fully fleshed out and never relies too heavily on frat-boy humor or multiple takes on the same joke over and over. Like the best comedians out there, Iglesias takes not just humorous observations from life but the stories themselves and lays them out for the audience to see, funny and unfunny parts alike.

Getting his start as one of

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