Rihanna Album Preview: Rated R Is Her 'Mini-Movie'

'It's really honest,' singer says of her 'vulnerable' new LP.

By Jayson Rodriguez, with additional reporting by Sway Calloway


Photo: Akshay Bhansali / MTV News

New York — Rihanna has broken her silence regarding Chris Brown's February assault against her in a recent series of interviews, and the singer told MTV News that her album will have a mix of songs detailing the "roller coaster" of emotions she's experienced in the past nine months.

"It's my mini-movie," Rihanna said about her forthcoming album. "It's really honest, at times vulnerable, but it came from really, really deep in here [points to heart]. I just feel like I had to call it Rated R, 'cause it's my movie."

MTV News previewed the album on Tuesday (November 10) and Rihanna's description is certainly accurate.

After the intro, Rated R kick starts with "Wait Your Turn" and the Young Jeezy-assisted "Hard." The material matches the artwork

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