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Filmmakers launch The Colony and The Slayers

A pair of new projects are currently being prepped by writer/director Rich Robinson (who co-scripted and -helmed 2007’s Marcus) and producer/cinematographer Neil Moore for Backwoods Entertainment. One is a creature feature called The Colony, and the other is a youth-oriented horror/comedy in the Monster Squad vein titled The Slayers.

The Colony is set in the town of Eden Mills, where local sheriff Nick Whittaker must protect the residents from a pack of wolflike predators that dwell in an abandoned mineshaft. One of those beasts will make an appearance in The Slayers, which focuses on a group of misfit kids who team up to fight monsters threatening them and their neighbors. Robinson and Moore have shot teasers for both projects, which can be viewed at The Colony’s official website here and The Slayers’ site here.

“One thing we felt was important for us to hang onto,” Robinson says of The Slayers,

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