Starblog: Liner Notes: A Bloody Pulp Odyssey

On Saturday, I took the train to Trenton. Now, this is remarkable because first, I so seldom go into New York City on a weekend (isn’t Five Days a week enough?), maybe five or six Saturdays a year. And, second, I’ve never been to Trenton—Through it on Amtrak, yes—but as a destination, No! Third, although I retired from convention-going in April 2008 (after guesting at more than 200 of them), I was off to a con and Only as a customer! This, I confess, was my Second relapse (I showed up to see friends at NYC’s Fangoria’s Weekend of Horrors in June 2009).

It wasn’t just Any kind of con, but a Pulp Adventurecon (masterminded by Rich Harvey, author of several articles that I published in Comics Scene in the 1990s). I’ve never actually been to a pulp event (just Sf, Star Trek, comics, horror,

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