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More glacial post apocalypticness in Nicholas Powell's Tundra

Veteran stunt coordinator Nicholas Powell, whose done the likes of Push and The Bourne Identity, is no strange to post apocalyptic film as he also worked on 28 Days Later. And now, he's making his move into the director's chair with Tundra, a futuristic action flick set in an oil-dependent, ice-bound world. Michael Thoma has written the script, and while he doesn't have any major features under his belt, he did write Total Recall: The Series for tv. For more glacial Pa fun, check out Gunslinger.


In a dangerous, frozen post-apocalyptic world, a remote oil rig serves to power a city representing the last remnants of civilization. Joshua, a charismatic loner at the outpost, stumbles upon a conspiracy that jeopardizes the lives of everyone in this struggling community, including Nina, the mystical woman that is in love with him.

Now a threat to the corrupt leadership of the outpost, Joshua

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