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Jcvd – Jean-Claude Van Damme

Jcvd (2008) Direction: Mabrouk El Mechri Screenplay: Mabrouk El Mechri and Frédéric Benudis; from an idea by Frédéric Taddeï and Vincent Ravalec Cast: Jean-Claude Van Damme, François Damiens, Liliane Becker Jean-Claude Van Damme in Jcvd Mabrouk El Mechri’s Jcvd is one of the best films Jean-Claude Van Damme has starred in for some years, equal to his more recent efforts in Wake of Death and Replicant. Van Damme really puts on his acting cap in all three films, though out of the three, Replicant is still the best, followed by Jcvd and then Wake of Death. Jcvd, however, is the most inventive of the trio; it is also the first film where Van Damme gets real with his audience. Jcvd [...]

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