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Brian Cox - a one-man riposte to critics of the BBC

The TV cosmologist's inspirational and informative forays into the world of astrophysics highlight the BBC's cultural significance

Critics of the BBC were sharpening their pens this week, raging that Britain's renowned public broadcaster commissioned a documentary about assisted suicide. It provoked furious comments. According to some, the BBC is actively campaigning for assisted suicide in an "incredibly zealous" way.

I did not watch the programme in question – not quite my cup of hemlock – but isn't that the point with television? It offers a choice of entertainment and information. No one forced these critics to watch the programme. Instead, they could have been watching what I did, on DVD: the mind-expanding BBC documentaries of Professor Brian Cox.

The BBC does not need to go far to find an answer to its critics. It just needs to refer them to Professor Cox and ask The Daily Telegraph exactly what all these worthy

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