Mark Kermode's DVD round-up

The Fighter; Brighton Rock; Howl; West is West; Rabbit Hole; How Do You Know?

Receiving a Golden Globe for his hyperkinetic best supporting actor turn as a washed-up pugilist in The Fighter (2010, Momentum, 15), Christian Bale graciously acknowledged that he couldn't have got away with a performance that "big" without a sounding board as quiet and understated as Mark Wahlberg – and he's right. The pair play Dicky and Micky, real-life boxing half-brothers from Lowell, Massachusetts the former of whom coulda been a contender until Ko'd by junk. When Micky becomes the family's new rising star, his unreliable sibling (who is now being followed by a documentary crew) hangs on to his coat-tails, promising to coach him to success. Can Micky put aside his fearsome family – which includes Melissa Leo's tough-as-nails matriarch and a rogues gallery of Budweiser-chugging sisters – and strike out on his own with new love Amy Adams? Or

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